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Hi, I'm Erin!

I’m a product designer in Toronto with a background in engineering, graphic design, and illustration.


I'm a Zumba-loving, vegan-baking, piano-playing creative generalist. 


Parking meter interface


A solution that allows drivers to quickly and easily pay for their street parking, so that they can carry on with their day, hassle-free. 

Café menu app


A solution that allows busy working professionals to quickly and easily order healthy, plant-based food for pick-up. 

okay cafe new_edited.png

Digital paper cutting


A series of illustrations that I've drawn in my digital paper cutting style. 


Editorial design


Illustration and layout design work that I have done for student-run publications at McGill University. 


Infographic design


Infographics that I have designed for a school assignment and for a freelance project.


Packaging redesign


I applied lessons on branding, trends, packaging architecture, and printing feasibility to a redesign of Silk’s Almondmilk packaging.

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