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Editorial design


Over the past few years at McGill University, I have put my graphic design and illustration skills to use through numerous extracurriculars and student-run publications. As the Design Director for both the

Bull & Bear and On The Table magazine, I oversaw the design of the following print issues.


InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Figma

Untitled_Artwork 10.gif

The Bull & Bear

(Winter 2022)


The Bull & Bear (B&B) is a student-run news magazine at McGill. The B&B's print issue theme this past semester was "Once in a Blue Moon," and writers detailed extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime phenomena.  

As the Design Director (on B&B's executive board), I developed the illustration, layout, and creative direction for this issue. In this issue, I experimented with several new design styles and methods, including 3D vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator.


The Bull & Bear

(Fall 2021)


The B&B's print issue theme in the Fall 2021 semester was "Testing 1...2...3...." The publication's writers wrote about a variety of topics related to tests, including those both literally and figuratively pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While each article featured its own visual style, I used bold colours and fonts throughout the issue to tie everything into the striking cover.

on the table_edited_edited.png

On The Table

(Fall/Winter 2021)


I spearheaded the layout design of the student-run culinary publication's inaugural print issue. I created page compositions that include some other artists' illustrations and photographs, and I doodled elements from every article on the cover.


I also designed On The Table's logo, in which the 'O' of On doubles as the bowl part of a spoon. 


The Bull & Bear

(Winter 2021)


The B&B 's Winter 2021 print issue theme was "Healing," and the articles focused on optimism during the pandemic and moving forward. My role for this issue mirrored that of the Fall 2021 one, where I individually designed the layout and illustrations. 

My favourite part of this project was creating the cover art, where I added a vibrant sunset behind a recoloured photograph of downtown Montreal.

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